Imagine using all of your years of life experience, training and skill development to support your highest good and also to share your knowledge and inspiration with people who need it. There are not many careers that offer these kinds of rewards, travel, fun, adventure, personal and professional growth and financial reward, just to name a few.

This training is potentially a pathway to time, location and financial freedom using our 7 P’s for Success!

At Vibrant Facilitator Training we have created our own tried and tested approach to running groups, workshops and retreats. We want to share this knowledge with you so you too can share your wisdom with others. Our trainings are practical, meaningful and affordable and designed especially for you. Our Partners are experts in the field who can guide and advise you. Our resources are designed to provide you with ongoing support and information. Though our trainings, resources, support networks, and one on one support we can guide you through every step of making your retreat dream a reality.

What we want people to experience through this training

  • Professional, value for money training that gives you real world tools, not fluff

  • Meaningful and flexible material that meets everyone’s needs

  • Valuable information that people who have not run retreats would not know, the insider stuff

  • Content that touches your heart and has you excited for the future

  • Access to a group of professional retreat leaders and our list of tried and trusted partners, from caterers to retreat centres, masseuses to marketers and everything in-between

  • Ongoing resources only available to our retreat graduates in our Facilitators Online Hub

How we hope people feel during and after this training

  • Excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities

  • A growing sense of clarity and confidence about what they want to run and why and who their audience is

  • Supported to take the next steps in the right direction

  • Warm and fuzzy about how they will feel when running their own retreats

  • Connected to their passions and strengths

  • Optimistic about their ability to pull it off

  • The feeling that transformation is taking place, that their mind is clear and their heart is full and that other people will benefit from their offering

Challenges we will address

  • Just how to go about starting to run retreats

  • Clarifying the content– people tend to have too many ideas or not a teachable modality and this immobilises people

  • Scheduling, pricing and promoting retreats

  • Risk Management in terms of avoiding losing any money

  • Legalities and insurance

  • Confidence to take the step into the unknown (aka the most exciting this you will ever do!)

This Training is for you if

  • You have tried to run your own retreats however they just haven’t turned out how you would have liked, or they haven’t made the money you thought they would

  • You love to travel and you have something to share with others in a retreat, but you just aren’t sure how to go about starting

  • You have an audience already through something you teach for example writing, art, yoga, massage etc. and you would like to expand your services to also run retreats. You can Save time and energy by teaching to a group instead of one to one.

  • You’re ready for a life change but feel kinda depleted and would like some help to gain motivation and inspiration about a new career direction

  • You want to find locations and activities that compliment what it is you teach. So if you teach aromatherapy, of course heading to a lavender farm or perfumery to learn how to blend scents would work perfectly. Also I can think of several destinations that would lend itself to such a retreat including France and Egypt.

  • You don’t know how to structure the administration of retreat ie how to take bookings and payments etc. how to get all of your necessary systems in place for a smooth and easy booking process for you and your clients.

  • You’re concerned about finding the right type of insurance and making sure you have all the legal documents and disclaimers you require.

  • You’re excited at the prospect but don’t know where to start.

“If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life” Marc Anthony

We have been running successful retreats with our business, “Vibrant Women” since 2011. To date we have run over 80 retreats in Australia and overseas. This places us in a unique and rare position to support you to run your very own successful retreats giving you time, location and financial freedom.

Save yourself stress, money and heartache by gaining all of the skills and knowledge you need to bring your retreat vision to life with confidence.

In addition to receiving professional, practical and emotional support to run your first, (or revamp your past) retreats, we also have 7 excellent added bonuses!

Testimonials From Previous Retreat Facilitator Graduates